Helping people make informed decisions by supporting a free and independent press.
IJF is a non-profit organization committed to promoting free and independent media in Eastern and Central Europe and Southeast Asia. IJF's regional Centers for Independent Journalism offer training and institutional support to professional journalists and students through programs designed to serve local needs in Hungary and Romania.  IJF's trainers and consultants also provide training and support to professional journalists in Southeast Asia. All of the courses taught follow the principles practiced by responsible journalists worldwide.

IJF runs the award winning Roma Mainstream Media Internship program for young Roma from Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and consults with others interested in developing programs promoting diversity in the media.

Where we are:

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Special project 
on Cambodian
commune elections:
"Light of the Voters"



Secondary School Journalism

Newspaper Photography

Roma Journalism Training

Networking for Women Journalists

Future of Electronic Journalism

Curriculum Development


A Media Relations
Handbook for

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